A bit about me

Hello and welcome to the website about me and my music. As you can see I am a person of many hats and you can find out about some of them by clicking on the words above the piano keyboard.

I play piano, other keyboards, guitar and bass guitar plus a little bit of harmonica, bazouki and percussion. I can get a simple tune out of several more instruments with the glaring exception of the flute which remains a no-no to me. Although I have written and composed quite a lot, my music theory is pretty ropey so not a lot of it is written down. Where it has been, thanks go to Lesley. A small amount has been recorded.  I've played in a number of bands, been MD of a musical theatre group and done concerts and events on my own.  Oh and I'm now an author and broadcaster too.


Please take some time to look at the rest of the site. You may be surprised - maybe we could do something together ........